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While the bride may be the focus of a wedding, her bridesmaids are essential elements that enhance the overall look of the affair. Bridesmaids will want to choose hairstyles that will enhance their look and fit the theme of the wedding. The following are some important things to keep in mind when choosing a bridesmaid hairstyle.

The Theme of the Wedding

More brides today are choosing specific themes for their special day. Ranging from medieval to cowboy themes, modern brides love the thrill that comes with selecting the ideal theme for their wedding day.

It is important for the bridal party to choose hairstyles that fit the theme of the wedding. For example, beach weddings often feature loose, long hairstyles that are not overly fancy. Black tie weddings will often feature hairstyles that are very elegant, such as fancy updos and buns.

The theme of the wedding may require hats, small veils, or wide headbands. Bridesmaids will want to keep in mind that they may wish to remove these hair pieces at some point after the ceremony. They will want to choose hairstyles that will not make their hair look flat or lifeless if they decide to remove their hair pieces later.

The Bridesmaid's Dress

A huge factor in choosing an appropriate bridesmaid hairstyle is the type of dress she will be wearing. The hairstyle should tie in nicely with the overall style of the dress. For example, a formal gown generally requires a fancier hairstyle. A plain sheath dress looks great with a basic, straight hairstyle.

Also keep in mind the structure of the dress and which asset the dress is designed to emphasize. An off the shoulder dress looks great with an updo, allowing the shoulders to become the primary focus. A dress with sleeves or straps may look more appropriate with the hair worn down and loose.

Facial Features

Each bridesmaid will want to keep in mind the facial features she wants to highlight the most. Updos bring more attention to the eyes, nose, and mouth while loose flowing hairstyles allow the eye to wander without focusing on a specific feature.

Overall, it is best for bridesmaids to keep in mind their role on this very special day by avoiding outlandish hairstyles that rival the bride's. Keeping in tune with the theme of the event and using accessories sparingly will produce lovely hairstyles that will enhance any brides special day.

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Bridesmaid Hairstyles

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Bridesmaid Hairstyles

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