Fascinating Mens Tuxedos For Various Occasions

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Men's tuxedos are the most fancied male attire for formal events, weddings and many types of social gathering. In fact, Tuxedo is a broad term and includes dinner jacket, slacks, waistcoat, and tie or bow tie. There is a popular perception that only men wear tuxedo. In fact, ladies also opt for tuxedos as an alternative to long gown more to look different and grab attention.

Of course, tuxedos are worn by men on prom, thanksgiving, business and social functions and most commonly during weddings by both the groom and groomsmen. Most men prefer standard black tuxedos as it is easy to find, comfortable to wear and gives a classic look and the fact is black tuxedos never goes out of style.

Traditional tuxedo suits are usually black in color with a classy look but things are changing and men's tuxedos are now seen in white, gray and khaki. White tuxedos are meant only for certain tropical climates but, as a rule, it is best to avoid them. A good quality tuxedo is usually made of 100% wool or a combination of wool with polyester.

While choosing a wedding tuxedo quality of fabric, flawless fit, excellent cut, and perfect design are the key factors as wedding is the most important event of your life. Do not compromise for cheaper groom suits and look out of sorts on your wedding day. Your bride would be delighted to see her groom handsome and elegant wearing the latest style tuxedo. Although tuxedos are widely available in department store and other retail outlets, you should choose a retailer that is reputed and has proven expertise in producing high quality tuxedos.

Whether to wear single breasted or double breasted tuxedo is a matter of personal preference as both types are appropriate for formal as well as casual occasions. Another useful tip is - single breasted dinner jacket should be left open and must accompany a cummerbund. Double breasted jackets should be worn buttoned when standing up. If you want to look more formal during evening parties, then tail jacket with a black tie would be a perfect combination.

Business professionals should select tuxedo that fits perfectly - as during conferences and other formal meetings, they will be required to present themselves to the other participants and create an impression of being organized and smart. Ralph Lauren, Armani, Calvin Klein and Joseph Abboud are some of the prominent branded men's tuxedos widely available in all styles and sizes.

If you find buying them outright expensive, you can visit retailers in your area who will offer tuxedo rentals of these brands. So if you plan to attend wedding, prom and other formal gatherings, there will be little no excuse for not wearing a men's tuxedo that suits your shape, style and physical build. Selecting the tuxedo formal wear for your event is simple once you understand the various tuxedo types and the formality of the occasion or event you plan attending.

Please remember that men's tuxedos would look best when worn with formal shirts, vest, cummerbunds, cuff link and stud sets, socks, formal shoes, and silk handkerchief. You can choose a tuxedo shirt with either a wing or turndown collar. Wing collars generally provide a stiff, clean front while turndown collars will have a softer, pleated front. The tuxedo trousers you select should be based on your dinner jacket but trousers with vertical pockets present a classy look.
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Fascinating Mens Tuxedos For Various Occasions

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This article was published on 2011/03/31