Make Your Wedding Extra Sweet - With Sweets!

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When planning your wedding, it can be easy to fall in to the routine of making it like every other wedding you have been to in the past. For example, during the speeches it can be a nice novel idea to give each table a bowl of retro sweets so they can pick away whilst listening to the speeches. It's a nice thoughtful gift for your guests that will no doubt get them reminiscing about how they used to eat those sweets as a child. Not only will this help your guests to remember those happy memories spending their pocket money in sweet shops and it will of course give them happy memories of your wedding.

Before you start thinking that these old fashioned sweets are going to be impossible to find as they must have stopped manufacturing them years ago - think again. By performing a brief internet search you will be able to find any number of websites which will sell the sweets you loved as a child and deliver them to your door. If you are being extra picky about the decoration at your wedding then you may even want to take the colour of the sweets into account so that it will fit in with the decor of the rest of the room. Think of it as arranging a bouquet of flowers, only arranging sweets is much more fun as you can eat the 'bouqet'! Perhaps you could even arrange the sweets alongside some flowers and then finish off the 'display' with some nicely tied ribbons. This will certainly help your wedding meal to stand out and is sure to draw compliments from the assembled wedding guests.

But which sweets are you going to choose? This really is the time where you will want to get the creative juices going. Really cast your mind back and think of all the sugary treats that you enjoyed as a child. There's plenty to choose from: gummy bears, lollypops, candy jewellery, sherbet, candy sweets - the only limit is your imagination and your creativity. With a little bit of thought you will no doubt be able to come up with an imaginative and delicious arrangement of candy treats. A nice alternative would be to go for chocolate or fudge, which surely everyone would enjoy. One thing which you may wish to consider: try to avoid sweets which have plastic wrappers as it could risk spoiling the atmosphere. The last thing you need in a quiet room of people attentively listening to the father of the bride giving his all important speech is to have to put up with the constant crackle of people unwrapping sweets!

Just because you are organising what is a very traditional ceremony doesn't mean you shouldn't experiment and try to do things a little differently. So why not have a little browse on the internet and see if you can find some sweets which will help to lift your wedding ceremony and leave happy memories that your guests will remember for years to come.

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Make Your Wedding Extra Sweet - With Sweets!

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This article was published on 2011/07/03
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